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Hello Everyone!

Thank you to all who are following me on Zfammama.com!  I’m excited to announce that I am now on Facebook and YouTube as Zfam Mama. So be sure and like and subscribe so you don’t miss anything!  I want to share a few things I will be blogging/vlogging about.  I want you to know that I am only sharing my knowledge and giving advice.  I never intend to hurt anyone’s feelings and don’t ever want you to feel as though you are not good enough.  Please know I am kind hearted and putting myself out there in a place I can be criticized- and that is scary for me.  We are all doing this life together and I hope I can be a virtual friend who is encouraging and helpful. Let’s live this life with joy and see all the blessings God has set up for us!

Here are just a few things I will be sharing my experience on:


How to stay in a honeymoon stage for your whole life


Time for each other





Cooking ideas:



Have a blessed day and keep smiling!



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