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Taking away a binky or blanket (security is more important)

Another great question; “When do I take my child’s pacifier or special blanket away?”  The answer is, never.  I know you probably think I am crazy, but hear me out.  There is a time for pacifiers and blankies. You set the boundries for when they can have them. I always carried a pacifier and my kids special blanket in my diaper bag or purse.  I believe in letting them have it to go to sleep or to calm down.  I do not agree with  a child walking around with a pacifier.  Also, I can’t stand when a child talks through a pacifier.  I think it is very important for children to talk and respond appropriately and respectfully at a young age.  Now let’s talk about the proper times for these things. It’s appropriate when: going to bed at night, taking a nap, car rides, movies, when they just need to relax.  Whether we are dealing with a pacifier or thumb, you can take either out of their mouth.  By doing this, especially with their thumb; be in tune to why they are sucking it.  If they seem nervous give them reassurance and if it is just habitual, redirect them to play, color or something else.  We need to make sure our children have a solid foundation of security at a very young age.  Holding them when they cry, talking to them, give them reassurance in all situations.  I truly believe you can never spoil a child with love and security.  Most children naturally outgrow bottles, pacifiers, blankies, etc.  The main idea is to give your child security that will last.  As your child gets older they will have different interests and wants.  They will go from holding their blanket to playing with trains, or dolls.  I am not a fan of pacifier fairies as I worry that kids will have a worry of what other things will have to be given away next.  If you want to speed the process up; as your child gets to an age you want them to stop using the pacifier or other item; have the item stay in the bed when they awake in the morning or have a special place the item stays until you want them to have it.  Just remember to be empathetic when you are taking anything special away from your child.  One last thing; always do what works for you and your child, not for everyone else!