Journaling for Kids


I like to journal about what is going on in my life and my prayers.  I start my kids young in this process.  I give them a journal and tell them to write anything they feel.  I do let them know  I will be reading it.  This may seem like a break in trust and their personal privacy; but I can tell you it  opens the door to more communication, since they can write things that are hard for them to say face to face.  When I was in charge of a music program at my kids school (a volunteer position); I was on the phone an excessive amount (every afternoon for 2-3 hours).  My daughter was in 7th grade and journaled how she didn’t like me on the phone so much and wished she could talk to me more.  I read her journal and then sat down with her to talk about it.   At first she was nervous that I would be mad at her; but I let her know she had a right to her opinions and feelings.  I changed when and how long I would talk to people on the phone.  Another recent time was my son’s journal, it was a message to God about how he missed Grammie; this is my child who is quiet so I took that opportunity to pull more feelings out of him.  I have read about friends, family, and life happenings in my kids journals.  The journals are raw and full of a lot of emotions.   I feel it has helped me to be more open to see things from their perspective. The key to kids journaling is for them to express their feelings and thoughts without judgment.  My advice to you is be opened minded and unoffended as you read your kid’s journals.

*When the kids are little I tell them to draw pictures of how they are feeling

*My daughter enjoys scrapbooking composition notebooks to use for her journals.

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