Homeschool or Public School?

You have to do what works for you and each of your children. You know your kids personality and needs.  Follow your gut, not people’s opinions.  Right now I have 2 kids in public school and one I homeschool.  My high schooler is a social bug and academics come easy for him.  To homeschool him would not work well with his personality.  He lives for being with different people and talking to them.  He likes having a variety of teachers even when some of them bug him.  I consider my 5th grader to be a genius.  I homeschooled him for Kindergarten and then he went to public school.  He was extremely easy to homeschool because he is self driven and has a desire to learn and gain knowledge. I homeschool my 2nd grade daughter who is opposite of her brothers, academically.  She struggles and would rather talk to someone about how their day is going instead of read a book. The nice thing about homeschooling is that I can modify the curriculum to fit my daughter’s needs (this is picking and choosing what works, not writing curriculum).  Another benefit for her is that I can teach to her learning style; for instance, she is a visual learner and I can use manipulatives and hands on tools to help her learn.  For her, she learns differently than the average kid and would be more likely to slip through the cracks in public school.  

When deciding to homeschool, make sure you have the patience to work with your child.  The first few years are literally teaching the basics.  Know you are setting the school foundation for your child.  Your child is relying on you to show them the world of education.  For me, first grade was the hardest.  I can tell you after completing Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  I am very excited for the years to come.   Another thing to be aware of is learning disabilities.  You know your child, so you will be able to tell if something is “off”.  I discovered this year that my daughter has vision issues and she shows some signs of dyslexia.  She wears glasses for her sight, and on top of that she has vision impairments.  After having her tested, I have modified her school work a lot.  I want her to feel great about her ability to learn and I don’t believe that learning disabilities define who she is, just how she learns.  

If you send your kids to school, be involved.  Walk your child to class, give him a hug, kiss.  Make your presence known as a parent who cares about their child’s day and education.  Be supportive of your child’s teacher and helpful when homework comes home.  On homework, I am sure most of us agree we don’t care for it.  When my daughters were in 5th grade they both struggled in math.  When they came home I would ‘re-teach” them math; they went from not understanding it to fully grasping concepts. Remember that no matter what- you are a teacher in your child’s life.   Whether you choose to homeschool or put your kids in public school; go for it knowing everything will work out.  Your decision can be a yearly choice.  

Walk confident and be Blessed!

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