Beauty Starts Within

Psalm 45:11 says: Let the King be enthralled by your beauty, for he is your Lord.

To be honest, I have battled body image issues at different times/stages of my life.  That being said, I wish we could all look in the mirror and see ourselves as God sees us: perfect, beautiful, His, worthy.  Unfortunately, our tendency is to seek the world to help us look a certain way.  The truth is we are all built differently; uniquely.  Tall, short, thin, chunky, small, larger, the list goes on to every body part.  The most important thing is to be healthy; eat well, exercise, smile, laugh, have friends, seek God.

So let’s talk realistically.  First off, you have to be content with your body even if your not completely happy with it at the moment.  Look at what you want to change, is it a realist change?  If it is a solid body part like, your nose, ears, toes, lips, eyes, etc you need to stop!  These are how you were made. The things I am talking about are things like muscles and fat.  These things can be changed.  The food we eat and the exercise we do can change these.  While you are working on changing yourself, keep your eyes on Christ.  I know looking in the mirror can be hard at times.  From my experience, I have made myself stand in front of a mirror naked and accept what I look like right now, not what my goals are.  I encourage you to do the same, stand there for as long as it takes to find some contentment.  It’s also important to remember your body didn’t change overnight or in a short period of time.  Give it time to change again, slow and steady will yield the best results. I do not believe in dieting, I do believe in changing your diet.  

I am in a season of change right now.  For 2 months I have changed some eating habits and  worked out 4-5 times a week.  My clothes are starting to fit oddly, and I don’t see big number change on my scale.  I start to feel discouraged, but I know there is small change happening that will last.  Please know I don’t believe everyone should be a certain size, I believe you need to figure out what is healthiest for you, weight, exercise, food etc. It’s about you and your body.       

Keep moving forward, and do what works best for you.  I pray you can look in the mirror everyday and smile at what you see!