A New Sibling

It is so exciting preparing for a new baby.  Whether this is number 2 or 5; every baby is such a blessing.  The family dynamics change with each new baby.  Let your child know you are expecting, so as the watch your belly grow they can talk to the baby and be a part of the exciting adventure with you.  Starting at this point you can let them know they are going to be the big brother/sister and this is going to be their baby sister/brother.  I think the most important thing with children is to make sure each child feels special as the new baby arrives.  So I buy gifts for each child for the first 5 days.  These gifts can be paper and crayons, to a journal, small game, or action figures, or candy.  The gifts don’t have to be expensive just something special for the big sister or brother.  Now let me explain how I do the gifts; I secretly buy the gifts about a month before the baby is born and wrap them in bags and label them day #1, day #2 and so on.  I pack the ones for the days I’m in the hospital.  Then after the baby is born while holding the baby I give the kids a gift and tell them it is from the baby; “Little sister wants give this to you”.  I can tell you my 13 year old daughter knew the gift was bought by me but it was still extremely special to her.  

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  1. I am so on this! Eyes are peeled for gifts right now! So thoughtful of you! You must have a had a great momma!

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